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Post  LethalContempt on Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:02 am


First, let me introduce myself. I am a cleric of Alahna and an adventurer based in Tanamerah. I routinely ride around the city protecting those in need. The recent actions of some adventurers, I've heard, have cast a shadow on adventurers in general, I think. That two paladins would knowingly break the law to enforce their own ideals of what is right actually goes against what they are taught. Your decision in sentencing them was wise and just. Your decision to acquit the spellcaster, yet fine him for casting offensive spells was also just. These sort of activities are dangerous to the citizens and must be controlled better. Frequently, I see adventurers walking through town with their weapons drawn. I don't think the current law of fining them is working. The people must be and feel safe. I propose that the laws be changed. First, the penalty for assault should be stiffer. There should be no combat in the city except in self-defense...ever. Second, there should be a freesword tax, taxing adventurers, and using the proceeds to fund more guards. Also, the punishment for brandishing weapons in town should be much stiffer. This is a city of laws and they knowingly flaunt those laws, thinking that might makes right. That endangers the innocent populace and is unacceptable.

Finally, I offer my services in whatever capacity the council needs. I aim to make Tanamerah my permanent home and strive to make it a safe place for people to raise their children.

Yours in service,

Lentz Alrikson, Cleric of Alahna.


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To the Council of Tanamerah Empty Re: To the Council of Tanamerah

Post  Banthor et on Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:26 pm

A "runner" finds Lentz and delivers a sealed letter from the office of Evym Almik.

Salutations Lentz Alrikson, Cleric of Alahna.

I thank you for your letter of introduction and your agreement with the Counsel's decision regarding the recent trial of the Paladins and the Wizard. We strive to keep the peace and uphold civil order while being open to the many adventurers and merchants who visit our great city.

We appreciate your interest in how the guards are trained, fines collected and punishment levied but I assure you that we have considered these things in great detail and believe that we have a reasonable balance between the freedom and safety of our citizens and guests. We also appreciate your offer of aid and service but would request that you respect our city's aversion to proselytizing. We are a city of law, not of worship and have little need for the services of the clergy.

In closing, I hope that you enjoy your stay in our fair city, for however long that may be.


Evym Almik,
Tanamerha City Counsel, South District.

*the letter is obviously in a different pen and style than the signature, denoting dictation*
Banthor et
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