The Nightmare has just begun.

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The Nightmare has just begun. Empty The Nightmare has just begun.

Post  Linariel on Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:26 am

Markus tossed in his bed at the traveler's inn. He'd pledged to himself that he would become stronger. Stronger so that Lizbeth wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. Strong enough so that he could take care of her...perhaps even save her when the time is right.

In his dream he was alone in the dark. He felt as if he were a child again. Huddled in a corner the words whispered to him "Markus...don't deny us..don't deny your destiny. You were meant for much more then you are now....There are reasons."

Then in his dream as he huddled a long skeletal arm reached towards him...Markus cowered away...suddenly he was that child again...and those he could see those eyes....those eyes he'd seen in all of his dreams....this one was exactly like the last.

Those Lavender Eyes that would forever haunt him. He thought he was rid of the dream...

The Nightmare had just begun.


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