Tari Axehand - A letter waits

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Tari Axehand - A letter waits

Post  Anadrith Indoril on Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:57 am

*The letter reads in a bold hand, written in Dwarvern script*

Dear Tari,
Thanks for helping me out with the shipment! You know how dangerous the roads can be at the moment, Im glad you could find the time to help your old Pa out! Though I would watch yourself if you go back into the forest... I don't know what those skeletal things were but I want you to be careful. I gotta bad feeling about the whole business.. and you watch yourself with that other dwarf fellow, Kusil. Didn't like the look of that one.
Take care, your mother sends her love


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A letter awaits- Sulin Axehand

Post  Clasybear on Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:45 am

(written in bold hand Dwarven script)

Hi Dad,
Don't got to worry about dat Kusil fellow, he ain' t my type. Dos skeleton thin's in the forest, I believe I know who might be behind all dis. A friend and I are tryin' to track him down, to put a stop to all dis madness. Give Mum a big kiss frum me. Anytime ya need my help just send word, I was glad to help.

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