Lord Bishop a letter awaits

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Lord Bishop   a letter awaits Empty Lord Bishop a letter awaits

Post  Clasybear on Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:59 pm

Dear Lord Bishop,
I, Tari Axehand of Stoneheim, a servent of Mighty Nor, asks fer ya permission to build a mighty temple in Bishop's keep. I know der are many people who pass through ur lands to go to Yotan Peninsula; wishin' fer a temple in ur lands, so dey may be blessed and aid dem in der quests. Fer der is no temple near Bishop's keep, the closest 1 would be Fort Hope, and dat be a long journey to trek. Saban is the closest city, however, it is extremely packed with many buildin's already, buildin' a temple der would be askin' too much.
Tari Axehand of Stoneheim.

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