The Norsian War

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The Norsian War Empty The Norsian War

Post  Strowolf on Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:31 am

Strowolf stoud ontop Thorson keep in Asguard. Looking out Northwest over the parapetts. The cool night breeze was refreshing to him and many times he stoud up here to think.... Assassins this was not the Norsian way but assassin had killed his uncle Ulik at manokawari. Even the Legendary Vinterfoxx warrior Tobar had been slain by assassins and now the King of the bear clan lay dead under an assassins blade. Could his people have changed so much as to have no honor and stoop to the use of assassins ? The redhand mercinaries fighting at Manokawari were also not the Norsian way. By the god has his people change so ? These were ways of the outsiders.......Oh no...Was there an outside influance at work here amongst his people. The thought was on the verge of herasy. The clans do not tollerate outsider interfearance. Mayhaps peace in the northlands was not as close as he had thought for if the clans knew these were outsider influances and who it was there would be a joining of clans a war like Arcana had not seen in a very long time. Stro did not like the options. Either his people were chainging to ways Stro dispised or peace wasn't as close as he had thought. This would need watching

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