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Post  muvs32 on Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:25 pm

~ For some of those who frequent the dwarven armor salesman, Mr. Lagnar, the news from him has been that of a grizzly murder of a young mother and her adolescent son ~

The information that is related for those inclined to listen is this :

A mother and son had gone into the woods not far from Tanamerah's south gate in search of kindling for the next day's breakfast meal. * There was a small cord of wood that looked to have been dropped or thrown near to the female corpse and the reason for mother and son being in the woods confirmed by husband *
Near to the place where the small river runs over a a lower shelf the mother's body was found. Most of a body would be more truthful as Lagnar reports. Word is that the bowels and heart, liver and other centrally located organs had been torn from her body and quite possibly eaten. This seems likely as not more then 20 yards from the mother's remains, the legs and one arm and head of the son were found. Detail as to the condition of said body parts is not given in detail and Lagnar grimaces and visibly shudders as he relates this news.
"The poor souls had been ravaged by some type of animal". Lagnar searches his memory of just what type of deadly beast could be to blame for this heinous act. Theory abounds within the ranks of Tana's justicars and city watch. A passionate vigil is conducted by the city watch, this is not unusual for Tana says Lagnar, "Tana takes care of er own she does"

Lagnar has his own theory as to the culprit and does not mind telling those how would listen. Says Lagnar enthusiastically " werewolf I tell you, a werewolf is responsible for these deaths, there the only beast strong enough to have ripped these poor... * his voice begins to shake a bit which is an uncommon reaction for the stern and courageous dwarf to have *
..."this mother and her son were torn apart like rag dolls and eaten by a foul and cold blooded werewolf, I know of no other creature that does this sort of thing" * he pauses and regains his composure, now having a bit of fire in his voice, obviously incensed by this horrible act * ...
" Not too many beast that attack humans so near to a large city like could add a bear or huge wild boar to the list maybe but I laughed at that suggestion myself. I have lived a nice long time round Tana and I can count on one hand how many times a person from Tana has become a meal for some stinking beast "
* He clenches his fist a few times and starts to pace just a bit as he resumes *
" Yeah, there been killings but nothing quite like this, not an orc attack nor some wild wolf in the afternoon...nor any of those damned undead abominations that dwell down in the crypt city beneath us I tell you." * Lagnar looks to be about to grab a weapon and charge off in hunt of this unknown horror *

" The only thing that don't make no sense just yet is the time of day...wasn't quite dark, yeah..was an early dusk last eve to be sure but not the dark and moon filled eve, not that late. As far as I remember werewolfs come out to hunt when the moon is full. The sun! She had set for the most but the moon was at least an hour off appearing wouldn't you know. " Lagnar looks to be at a loss and pained over his uncertainty *
" I remember a time a hundred years ago almost when a werewolf was plaguing a town near to a mine that I bought my ores from. The same type happenings were going on there, which is why I feel so strongly about a wolfman being to blame" *it seems as if Lagnar has a bit more of the facts of the case then he is willing to freely relate. As a longtime resident and merchant it is no surprise that he would be able to obtain even sensitive information from the justicars and watch *
He says " I'm no betting dwarf, not when it comes to life and death but I swear the feeling I get from this one is some type of evil creature be to blame...some monster loose in the woods just waiting for the next hunt *he grunts deeply * " I...we can only hope the justicars will be able to deal with this beast before another poor soul is taken...chased down and mutilated. "
Lagnar begins to open his mouth to add something but stops short and turns back for his display case. After a brief moment he finally says " Go ahead an look about my wares and let me know if you need something, if not just go on and let yourself out" Lagnar does not offer another word as he sits behind his case and stares off in thought.

OOC: please feel free to question NPCs about this situation if you are inclined to do so when I (Muvs) am on as DM, which will be in the evenings and daytime throughout this week and next, hope to be DMing again soon.

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