Items and your characters.

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Items and your characters. Empty Items and your characters.

Post  Daniel on Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:55 am

This is just a quick note / guide line.

Transferring items between characters on the same account is considered cheating. This has never been a hard server rule because no one has really abused it much. Also its a bit weird to build relationships between characters on the same account as they will never meet in game.

There is no easy way to deal with this, I do not want to say no items should be transferred ever, as you should be able to help out you new character a little. But giving them 100,000 gold and the best items on the server is a bit much.

Officially a DM can punish you as they see fit if they catch you doing this. Our DMs are not the type to punish people just because they can so im not worried about the DMs abusing this power. If you think they did just send me a PM.

So the rule of thumb is do not pass items or gold to your other characters as there is no RP reason for this.

You are free to gift things to other players, but try to make it an RP reason to do so. Very few people are so generous as to give away 1000's of gold to strangers because they just drifted into town and seem interesting. Just keep in mind its an RP server and every thing should have an RP reason behind it.



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