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Post  Daniel on Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:36 pm


Here is a list of quests in the game. Before you being questing you may want to check out the combat training area, there is a map note for it in the western outskirts of Tanamerah. Also the Office of Bounty is a good place to make some gold.

Here is a list fo the poeple to look for.
1. Talis manager in the South Seas Trading Co. in Tanamerah (4)
2. Frin in the flop house. (2)
3. Alina, shoe mechant in the market.(2)
4. Lagnar, The Smith in The Market. (4)
5. Peroirry. In the Office of Waste Management in West Tanamerah. (1)
6. The Butcher. (3)
7. The Herbalis in the Apothecary (4)
8. Nebril The Wand Maker: In The Market (2)
9. Hanald the merchant: in the shop in south Tanamerah. (2)
10. Kall the Forester Captain, on the wester border of Tanamerah.(2)
11. Soup Kitchen Worker in the Hostel in Outskirts West (4)
12. Santo the Fletcher in Ninago (4)
13. Farmer Brown on the north road. (2)
14. Tallanan Goodman in Saban (4)
15. Worried Woman in East Tanamerah (1)
16. Frabo the Tailor (3) - 1 of which is a crafting quest

Epic Quests: You must be 20th level or higher to do these quests.
1. Barens the Smith; In Sandow.(1)
2. Delie the smith in Saban (1)
3. Glebur the armor sales in Stonehiem (1)
4. Kilinus the smith in Cronkara (1)

Total of 48 Quests not counting the Alignment quests.

Evil Quests
1. Karicham in Troogen's Tavern in Sandow. (4)

Good Quests
1. Lucy in South Tanamerah (1) (only spawns during the day time)

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Info: Quests List Empty Re: Info: Quests List

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