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Post  Daniel on Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:47 pm

This covers most of the changes.


For more info see the website at:

Arcane Spells:

** Time Stop; Only effects the area you are in, and the duration was changed to 1d4+1 rounds.

** True Seeing: No longer auto spots hiding people but grants a spot bonus of +50.

Divine Spells:

** Aid: +2d8 Hitpoints and +2 to attack and saves.

** Keen Edge: works on any weapon not just slashing weapons.

** Cure Spells updated.
Cure Minor wounds now does:
1d8 +1 per level upto 10th level

Cure light wounds now does:
1d10 +1 per level upto 40th level

Cure MOdrate wounds now does:
2d10 +1 per level upto 40th level

Cure serious wounds now does:
3d10 +1 per level upto 40th level

Cure Critial now does:
4d10 +1 per level upto 40th level

** Harm now has a max damage of 300 hit points damage.
And has a max heal of 500 HP for undead.

** Heal and Mass Heal now has a max heal of 500 hit points.
And a max damage of 300 for undead.

** Greater Restoration now has a max heal of 300 hit points.

** Sacntuary Duration changed to one round per 3 levels.
Minimum of 3 rounds

** Greater Sactuary changed to one round per 3 levels.
Minimum of 3 rounds

Damage spells: updated level caps for damage only not duration if it applies.

Fireball 15th (was 10th)
Lighting bolt 15th (was 10th)
Flame Strike 20th (was 15th)
Firestorm 30th (was 20th)
Call Lightning 15th (was 10th)
Firebrand 20th (was 15th)
ILMS 20th (was 10th)
IGMS 30th (was 20th)
Chain Lightning 30th level (was 20th)
Scintillating Sphere 15th (was 10th)
Combust 15th (was 10th)
Mestil's Acid Breath 15th (was 10th)
Cone of Cold 20th (was 15th)
Delayed Blast Fireball 30th (was 20th)
Horrid Wilting 30th (was 25th)
Sunburst 30th (was 25th)
Meteor Swarm 40th (was 20th)

Ice Storm 6d6 bludgeoning (was 3d6)
Wall of Fire 8d6 (was 4d6)
Incendiary cloud 10d6 (was 4d6)

Damage Soak spells with level caps raised.
StoneSkin 15th (was 10th)
Greater StoneSkin 20th (was 15th)

Summons changed/updated
Animate Dead Summons enhanced.
Create Undead Summons enhanced.
Create Greater Undead Summons enhanced.
Pale Master: Summon Greater Undead Summons for levels 9,10,12,14 enhanced
Pale Master: Summon Undead all levels enhanced.

Power Word Stun
Will stun up to 300 hp creature

Power Word Kill
Will kill up to 300 hp creature. or
400 HP of 40 hp creatures when used in a radius.

Stone Bones
Changed to +5 to AC of undead.

Epic Spells updated.
Hellball: effects raised to 20d6 per damage type.
Greater Ruin: damage raised to 80d6
Epic Spell: Epic Mage Armor: Changed to +30 AC +8 Armor, +8 Deflection, +7 Dodge, +7 Natural

Arcane Archer Abilities:
Imbue Arrow; Damage raised to 10d6 +1d6 per AA level above 10th (original was 10d6 +1d6 per 2 levels above 10th).
Seeker Arrow; Damage raised to x5 normal damage (original was x2)

Pale Master Abilities:
Undead Graft I: DC changed to 14 + PM level (original was; 14 + PM level/2, new max is 44)
Deathless Master Touch: DC changed to 17 + PM Level (original was; 17 + PM Level - 10 / 2; new max is 47)


all the inflict spells now match the reverse of the cure spells.

Level Caps Raised:
Negative energy ray 20th (was 10th)
Hammer of the gods 20th (was 10th)
Searing light 20th (was 10th)
Blade barrier 30th (was 20th)
Undeath to death 30th (was 20th)
Destruction 20th (was 10th)
Quillfire 40th (was 10th)
Crumble 40th (was 15th)
Bombardment 20th (was 10th)
Earthquake 30th (was 10th)

Damage raised:
Sound burst: 2d8 (was 1d8)
Slay living: 10d6 (was 3d6)


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Info: Spell Changes Empty Re: Info: Spell Changes

Post  Moonglow Draoi on Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:40 am

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