How to Earn More Fate Coins

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How to Earn More Fate Coins Empty How to Earn More Fate Coins

Post  Moonglow Draoi on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:23 pm

Here is how you can earn more fate coins.

1. Post a character journal = 1 fate coin
2. Keep your journal updated, roughly every 10 posts after the original post is = 1 fate coin This is subjective, if you post 10 in one day we will have to look closely at the content. It has to be worthy of a fate coin.
3. Posting events on NWC = 1 fate coin (2 if a DM shows up to DM your event)
4. Bring a new player to Arcana = 1 fate coin (This is subject to me making sure it is a unique CD key)
5. DM Events = 1 fate coin
6. Role Player of the Event winner = 1 fate coin

We have also been known to give Fate Coins for:
1. Honesty; if a player is particularly honest and turns in some gear they should not have, or gives up some sort of advantage to the DM. = 1 fate coin
2. Bug reports; If it was an unreported bug / unknown bug specific to Arcana = 1 fate coin

To get your Fate Coin(s) just PM any member of the Admin/DM Team and tell them what it is you need a Fate Coin for. They can verify this and set a time to be on to give you your Fate Coin(s). Always keep in mind the DMs are giving their time freely to the community at large so please do not be demanding.

We, the DMs, do have a private portion of the forums where we track all of this so do not try and get the reward from several DMs, we will catch you and this is a bannable offense. Thanks.
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