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DM Event Etiquette Empty DM Event Etiquette

Post  Moonglow Draoi on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:29 pm

These are the basics of any event run on this server:

Use party chat (if you are on the server during an event you are not a part of – do NOT use party chat)

All situations are left to DM interpretation as it relates to THEIR event (alignments and RP included)

Events are open to ALL characters and ALL alignments unless otherwise specified beforehand. (IE – a wedding, not everyone may be invited…and yes, we’ve had a few weddings as events)

Wait after each transition for your party as a matter of courtesy to all and to keep the party together. Some do not transition quite as fast as others.

If a party member dies – it is up to the party if their fallen comrade in arms is raised. Remember – you can use Fate Coins to resurrect someone. If no one has the means then perhaps their god will have mercy or pity on them – but it is not guaranteed. DO NOT RESPAWN during an event as the DM may have some "hero" to ride to your rescue.

At the end of the event you will be ported to the DM Area where each party member will receive a Fate Coin and vote for Player of the Event. The PotE will receive an additional 2500 XP and an additional Fate Coin.

Some events can lead to CvC.

If the event is a 'world changing event', where the only help will come from your allies and you are forced to respawn (i.e. a war), you may not ride back to join your party.

These events happen rarely, but they do happen and there will be notification if a scheduled event is one such event.

All Action XP = encounters
This means that the XP you receive will be your encounters only.

50% Action /50% RP XP = encounters + RP
This means that the XP you receive for the event is both from what you encounter and your RP.

All RP XP = RP
This means that the XP you receive will be solely based upon your RP
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