RP, CvC, PvP: What this means to your character and to you.

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RP, CvC, PvP: What this means to your character and to you.  Empty RP, CvC, PvP: What this means to your character and to you.

Post  Moonglow Draoi on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:35 pm

We want to stress that PvP is forbidden and punishable by banning of your cdkeys. CvC is discouraged on this server; however we understand RP can lead to CvC; therefore, we have set the following guidelines.

First, some definitions to be sure this post is clear:
Character = the avatar you are running with in game
Player = the person at the keyboard
RP = Role Play
CvC = Character vs. Character
PvP = Player vs. Player
IC = In Character (the actions of a character and the reactions set forth)
OOC = Out of Character [idle chit chat (which should be kept at a minimum or in tells) and anything a player knows that a character has not been specifically told or specifically involved with to know.]

RP = A character interacting with other characters in game

Example: You create character as a peasant from Tanamerah (other area associated with our world….remember, the PnP worlds of D&D do not exist here) and act like a Tanamerahnian citizen. Characters must accept the consequences of their actions including jail and potential CvC.

CvC = Character vs. Character = When RP leads to combat with another character based on RP.

Example: Character X says something derogatory to character Y and they duke it out – possibly even to death (REQUIRING YOU TO RESPAWN EVEN IF IT IS YOUR LAST SOUL RUNE, unless someone there at the time raises you. See Death an FAQ ( http://arcana.forumotion.com/world-info-f1/death-an-faq-for-you-t213.htm ). Remember, if killed in CvC the killer, the killed and witnesses are asked to send game logs and/or screen shots along with a 'statement' of what happened to the DM Team for review. This does not mean that any action will be taken, but we need to know so we can help defend you in the case of OOC knowledge being used, or other such things.

When you are killed.
If you have Soul Runes left you can come back (if there is no one already there to raise you). The experience you had would be, you seen a light and went towards it. Then all you remember is waking up. Alive and with the last memory of being attacked. Please be mindful of how you were attacked, if someone jumps out of the shadows and kills you in one hit you will likely not know who it was. If an unseen wizard casts Time Stop and then kills you, you will not know who it was. You can see where we’re going with this just be a good role player in death as in life.

When you kill.
You will be taking your life in your own hands if you kill, NPC or PC. If you are caught and brought to justice, you will have a trial and likely be sentenced to death if found guilty. If this happens, it is Permanent Death, all your Soul Runes will be taken and your character deleted. The End, move on and get over it, you just role played yourself to death.

When you are a witness:
You can wait for the killer to leave and raise the fallen or you can report the murder (i.e. send your screenshot(s), logs and statement to the DM Team.)

PvP = Player vs. Player = A player purposely logging in to engage in CvC with another Player's character due to a grudge or just because.

Example A: Character X says/does something to character Y that character Y's player does not like so character Y's player logs out and logs back in whit another of his/her characters (whether under the same ID or a different, does not matter). Once the new player Y character is in game they seek out character X to engage in CvC. For player Y's new character to seek out character X to instigate CvC makes it Player vs. Player. This is not accepted and is grounds for being banned.

Example B: Player X creates a character with the sole purpose of killing everyone they cross with or without a reason.

Same reporting rules apply as with CvC if you are involved in or a witness to PvP.

****Special Note on Assassinations****

Assassinations must be brought before the DM Staff who will then discuss and approve/deny the request and it does NOT require the approval of the target – PERIOD! You would not get that option in RL. AND - just because you want to assassinate someone doesn't mean you can – AND – doesn't mean you will be successful, so keep that in mind as well.

If you RP your way into a situation where the DM Team is contacted regarding your assassination and they have sufficient RP evidence (Screen shots/game logs or even other players to back them up) then...well...you RP'd yourself there - RP you're way out. A DM will be present IF an assassination is approved.

We PREFER (This is not a rule) all parties be in agreement. We expect a certain level of maturity and understanding from all players that the player behind each character is RP'ing and nothing is personal. Also, we expect you to be able to RP your way out of an 'altercation' even if it is flat out walking away if you the player do not wish to engage in CvC. Please do remember if you are instigating CvC - be it words or action - please remember that we are child friendly server and the other character's player could be a child.
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