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A Sad Old Woman Empty A Sad Old Woman

Post  arhim on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:15 am

Patrick and Lucky were both resting up at the hostel when Lucky's friend Galia showed up. They said they were waiting on some friends of theirs to show up, they were returning from Sandow. Patrick was telling the ladies about farmhouse he was by earlier that had lots of little fire beetles. Torn and Mithran showed up in the hostel, they are the friends of Galia and Lucky. They all decided to go investigate this farm. Patrick lead the way, until they came upon this sad old woman. She was the owner of the farm and farmhouse. She said that it was infested with fire beetles and they were ruining her crops. Now if that wasn't bad enough, there were also some type of lizard creatures in her basement. The group agreed to help take care of her issue, so they ran off. Lots and lots of bugs they found, which posed no problem. Even the few lizard people in the basement were not much of a chore for this group. The group emerged from the house and Patrick caught the scent of the lizard creatures, see he was in one of his animal forms. They followed his nose until they found themselves in a sea cave full of these creatures. A few hours later they exited victorious and returned to the sad old woman. She was very grateful for the help and gave them each a token of her appreciation. She then went off to go bake some pumpkin pies


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