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Post  arhim on Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:52 pm

He frantically turns page after page, trying to see if what they found is what he fears. He mumbles to himself ...

Shawkenesis grew jealous of the creator’s new children and made children of its own, these were not peaceful creatures as are the creator's Ko Tari. Sanktori is what they are called. The Sanktori are pure elemental rage with a physical form. Shawkenesis soon learned the prison that held it, did not stop the Sanktori from entering Arcana, though their power was diminished there. The Sanktori reveled in destruction of life and chief among the Sanktori was Nornarauco, a giant of flame, cunning and ruthless, he seemed to have the greatest capacity for ruin among all the Sanktori.

He closes the book and returns it to the pile. He grabs another, at the bottom of the stack, the rest of them fall, he curses. He flips through the pages until one catches his eye.

The Eldar Elemental God is not known to many, or at least it is not known how to become its follower. Shawkenesis is often referred to in the masculine simply do to its power and destructiveness. His followers are typically wiped out whenever they are found as they are always trying to release him into the world which would destroy every thing. Shawkenesis is bent on the complete freedom of the elemental planes to exist on every plane. His mad plans would have him rule everything. He was locked away long ago in a great war between the pantheon and himself. During this process the four elemental gods (Ur, Nor, Vavia, Earen) were created and set as the guardians of the lock. The Eldar Elemental God is completely chaotic and has no real direction or from, he can appear as nearly anything. His followers slowly go mad trying to please him and though they usually wield incredible power he asks many horrible and difficult tasks of them.

There is a knock at the door and he jumps. A young woman walks in.

My Lord, we will be closing in a few minutes.

He nods and gathers his things.


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