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Post  Pwai Chung on Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:59 am

I could hear the sailors inside The Crows Nest tavern asking one another hypothetical questions about me. I should be used to this by now. It’s clear that there is some trepidation, perhaps outright fear, regarding my “differences” among these people. Alas, my problem they are not. It just feels good to relax a little after a wash-up and to let these wounds breathe slightly. This black tea tastes exceptionally delicious with the addition of the fruit the people here call lemon. Like Siltra but less grassy-tasting.

The front door to The Crows Nest opened. The sound of the slurping tidal water followed by a balmy slug of air followed Mr. Colorful. The man that paces the city square entered the tavern. Snickers could be heard among the barmaids and sailors. He looked comfortable but anyone could tell this was a painful experience, almost ritualistic. His eyes scanned around as if he was searching for a friend. Everyone knew he was pretending to be there for a reason. Just then, his eyes met with mine. He held his stare. I felt like a life raft to this lost soul. To my surprise, he straightened-up and walked right toward me,

“Good evening, Miss. How are you?” I didn’t really give him eye contact but replied,

“I’m well, thank you.”

“I hope it's not out of order to say so but you look absolutely stunning tonight in that dress.” Without really showing it, this did make me feel good that at least someone noticed my dress. In all honesty, he hit my sweet spot with that compliment,

“Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you.”

“You’re blushing.” He sat down as if he naturally invited himself to do so.

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are. I didn’t think it was possible to see that with such—“ A look of shock came over his face. “I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Yes you did. It’s alright though. I understand that I’m different.” Mr. Rainbow paused a little before regaining his composure,

“So why don’t you just tell me: What’s wrong with your skin?”

“Nothing is wrong with my skin. All of my people look this way.” An inquisitive look came about him,

“All of your people? Who are your people? Where are you from? Who are you? I've seen you coming and going for two weeks now.”

“That’s a long, long story. I’m from a place you’ve never heard of before. I don’t really want to tell you either because my people are going through trying times as we speak. Regardless, I am Kara’Mell, a Celestial Monk of Teslaria. That’s not my given name. You can’t really pronounce my true name with the proper inflection. So while I travel through your lands, I chose a name of a confection that was popular in one of the ports I passed through when I first started out. It was either Kara’Mell or Pray-Leen."

"Back to your question about me: I have traveled a great distance from my isolated kingdom. It reaches high into the craggy, cloud-capped mountains and cascades into streams like rain below. There are only a handful of known roads into this region, and they are littered with both natural and intentional hurdles. For over thirty thousand years my people have lived there cut-off from and unknown to the outside world. The scholarly types at university study our peoples’ skin tone. Some have suggested that the high mountain air, above even where the eagles soar, is thinner than most other places. It is so thin that not only do we absorb the tanning effects of the Sun but also unseen light from the Stars.”

Mr. Rainbow’s head tipped sideways a little, “You get sun burned?” His eyes were darting across random points on my face. I prattled on,

“Oh yes indeed! It’s not uncommon in the early days of summer. At any rate, others at university have proposed a new idea about our ancient culture based upon artwork, pottery, jewelry, and lore that there used to be a much broader spectrum of skin coloring across our society.” He was truly captivated by this point and asked,

“So what happened?” I smiled a rare smile,

“Simple: The black-skinned set had better advantages in our nature-based civilization among the basaltic, silvery mountains.” Mr. Rainbow thought for a moment, his hand rubbing his chin as-if matting down an invisible goatee. I offered more, “Some of us have a blue hue, a purple hue, more of your standard pinkish coloring, and even greenish-red to the base of dark charcoal.”



“That is so fascinating when considering you have the facial features of Men and not of tribal or aboriginal bone structure so often seen in the Goblinoids. I could listen to you all night but my break time is over and I have to get back to the Main Plaza. It was a pleasure meeting you, Kara’Mell."

“What’s your name?” Mr. Rainbow stopped. He looked at the nearest bar wench with a newly-found bravery before turning back to me,

“How about we talk more at a nicer place I know. Dinner?”

“No thanks. I’m not very hungry.” I have an uncanny knack for shutting men of this region down really quickly. Before he completely caved in front of this slovely trull of an ale tramp, I saved him, “I’ll meet you Saturday in the Main Plaza one hour after sundown.” He smiled fully aware that I was being playful before walking out of the Crows Nest. I returned to my black tea with lemon and thought to myself,

Great. Now I need to buy a new dress.

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Post  Pwai Chung on Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:59 am

It was with strong reservations that I even thought about approaching Cillesta of Sandow Beach when I saw her in the City Square this afternoon but after what has happened here this day, I am not exactly sure I'm very glad that I did.



I started to feel myself becoming uneasy and intimidated in her presence for I know she doesn't like me very much, "Hi there. My name is—"

"Kara'Mell. Yes. I know who you are. What can I help you with?"

"Umm... well, I found this gem stone and I can't tell what it is. I was hoping you might know." I fumbled in my fanny pack for the blue gem and presented it. She looked right at it and then at me rather intently.

"A Pale Blue Ioun Stone? And you just found it?"

"Well after I killed an Ogre in the mountains." I blurted my silly laugh. Cillesta had an ever-so-slight smile as she continued to gaze at me. "Do you want it Cillesta?" She straightened-up a little.

"Oh no, Kara'Mell. Thank you but you could put it to far better use than I. What you do with this one is hold it in your fist for a minute using your body heat to warm it up, then tap the flat top against the palm of your hand. Once activated, the Pale Blue Stones are imbued with a magic that enhances your physical strength. Just don't let it cool down too much and don't fall asleep. Barring those activities, it shall function continuously.

I put the stone in my fist and stuck it under my my armpit. She looked at me really funny.

"You said warm it up!" After about a minute, I began tapping it against my palm. To my amazement, I saw a blue hue fall around me, and I heard what sounded like chimes in the distance carried by the very breeze that made them sing. Then I felt it. A rush of physical strength began coursing through every fiber of my body. Cillesta unveiled a solid iron bar in both her hands, and with all her might she tried bending it. It was solid.

"Here. You try now." I took the iron bar, and folded it end to end in an instant. "Yay" I giggled. Cillesta smiled and nearly rolled her eyes underneath her hood but quickly became much more serious. She stepped forward and began whispering in my ear,

"The Great Enchanting Pool speaks to me. It shows me visions. I'm not sure if you are in danger or not. There will be someone, if they are not here already, with your complexion. They will be looking for you. The Pool shows me darkness and pain. Please be careful and always stay aware of your environment. I must go now." Cillesta walked toward the North Gate of Tanamerah and vanished into thin air thirty steps before reaching the posted guards.

Fear came over me like a hot, cascading waterfall. I am a liability, a link back to Teslaria. They've sent their assassins to erase me and any trail I've left. I think I'll keep this Pale Blue Gem activated.

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