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My parents are Kitel and Adels Snovit.
Our homeland, the Frigid Highlands....
I grew up and married my childhood sweetheart, Thorgal HavsKungsson. There were times of trials and heartships before we got married.... my brother Erik tricked Thorgal, telling him that I died in a raging river (which I was off training)... soon after Thorgal left our homeland with a broken heart. When I got back home and I found out Thorgal left, I looked for him. Thorgal's brother Eric tricked me to the point I was so ashamed of what happened and I left our homeland.... I traveled many lands till one day I got off the ship and found my beau lapin (Thorgal)... I found out he was in a relationship with another woman, but love conquers all .... Seasons past and we were finally married and we were on a ship headed to our homeland once again...
Traveling on the high seas, I notice that my clothing seems rather tight... with no explaination for it.... I dismisses it.... but a few days later, my belly becomes an active playground.... I realizes I'm with child.... I'm so thrilled I tell Thorgal.... he is in shock and asks ''Are you sure, my sweet swan? ''
I places his hand on my belly as the unborn moves inside.... ''See my beau lapin? I'm sure that I am..... '' The happy couple are delighted and anxious to arrive home.... Many stories are told about the seas they travel upon.... and it seems to comfort the unborn child.... Svana giggles and explains to Thorgal that this child will be known as Sjön.... but when the time came on the arrival of their first born; we were surprised that we were blessed with not one child but two..... The first one to come out looked like Thorgal's father, we knew that he was to be named Ty..... and soon after his twin brother Sjön was born.....
The boys played well together, although Thorgal was egar to get their early training started... as most boys do they played rough and dear old dad was always there to play with them.... Ty and Sjön always hit hard and it surprised Thorgal each time that his sons were gaining barbarian strength.... On the other hand I saw how close my three boys were becomeing.... and I felt some what alone... One night in wild desperation I go outdoors by myself and looks up to the stars, and prays to Vallahalla.... '' I do wish I could blessed with a daughter... so I too can feel the way my beau lapin does when he is with the boys.''
Months pass and once again I'm with child... I spend my days outside watching Thorgal and the boys train.... I smile at them and rub my belly and talk about jewls and gemstones as if I was crafting in Trinity again.... Four seasons after the boys were born and twin girls were born..... one which loved colored stones and the other loved flowers so they were named Roxy and Lin-nea... I felt as if the gods shone down on me and blessed our happy home with girls... As the girls grew, Thorgal and I knew these girls were different.... they could cast spells and protect their brothers in battle..... although they were little their brothers knew they were loved..... As our family grew, we trained together, learning what each one can do... But at times I missed my '' ALONE TIME'' with my beau lapin.... and so did Thorgal.....
One day as the children were outside, Thorgal looked at me and took my hand. " Come my Sweet Swan, I want to make you smile once more ".... I knew what that meant, a smile grew brightly on my face and let my beau lapin lead me to where he wanted to take me.... He led me to a path that was less taken... a place where I didn't go.... low and behold he took me to a small cave and inside it was grand, all of Thorgal's childhood memories were stored there. In a cornor was bed which was done up and he placed me upon it and smiled .... It was magical we could hear our children play above us... and Thorgal wanted to play with his sweet swan......
Seasons past and Leende was born. She was small but had a big smile on her face... a couple seasons had past and Leende hardly ate and she became so ill; Thorgal and I hadn't a clue what to do... We took her to see the shamaness and hoped she could help us... to our horror she told us that the ONLY cure was a blood transfusion and she knew of the prefect canidate. She took Leende and told us to come back in a few days.... (We trusted the Shamaness, for she is on old friend of ours...) When we came back to pick up Leende... Leende looked up at us and smiled... her smile made Thorgal and I to forget how close we almost lost her.

The illness that almost took Leende never discouraged us for trying to have more children... Eight seasons past and Lejon was born... then four seasons Kanin was born....ten seasons Krigare was born.... but years past after Krigare was born it seemed as if we could no longer have any more children... and off to the shamaness we went again... she informed Thorgal and I that no more children we could have... Then one day our dreams were fullfilled with our daughter Speciella...

We trained as a family; our friends, when they could, would help in our childrens' training as well... Our children grew and we all decided to expand our training to a new land and one of our trips was to Arcana...

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