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Barbarians:: Please Read Empty Barbarians:: Please Read

Post  arhim on Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:45 pm

Barbarian guidelines:

To be considered a barbarian you must have at least 5 levels of barbarian as a class.
Barbarians are suspicious of magic. With the consideration of shamen in a clan, divine is what most will accept but any aspect that is questionable would be likely unaccepted in the barbarian society. If you wish to be from a particular clan, please send the DM's a PM. There are 6 primary clans (with requirements), but of course there are many unnamed clans you may be from.

Any objections/suggestions. Since we have a low player volume and it would appear the Thorsons are relatively out of it, much of the rest will depend on what, if anything, is going on in the barbarian clans as well as how involved the player wishes to be in those workings.

Currently - this is how I see the clans:

Bear Clan all Chaotic alignments and as approved by me due to the current role Raina plays
Wolf Clan - CG and CN only
Elk Clan - CG and CN only
Vinterfoxx Clan - CN only, no admittance at this time
Tiger Clan - CN and CE, no admittance at this time
Dragon Clan - CN and CE, no admittance at this time

There will always be smaller, unnamed clans for those who just wish to play.


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