Aglaranna Halfmoon (Thorson)

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Aglaranna Halfmoon (Thorson) Empty Aglaranna Halfmoon (Thorson)

Post  Gorath on Thu May 02, 2013 11:05 am

Aglaranna is using her mother last name in Tanamerah instead of her father's real name. She's been told that it is on her best interest to do it that way since her father's last name is banned from this land and considerated evil persons to kill on site. Even if her father was in no way responsable for what happened in the past, his family name is doomed. Her father is Wulfgar Thorson chief of the Unicorn barbarian clan, a well known druid/shifter that was living north of Tanemerah in a cave who used to be the headquarter of the Guardian's Guild which disapeared after the barbarian's war. Since then the cave entrance has been enchanted so it cannot be discovered anymore and black bears are protecting the area.

Aglaranna came in search of her father that still live but very old. Nature's goddess Gia has blessed Wulfgar to live longer than usual with it's shifter abilties in reward of what he did to protect nature. Learning that Wulfgar left the elven land to return to his cave, she is in search of him.

She finds not easy the life of an half-elf and being from two cultures. She is closer to her elven legacy that the human one and she just recently left the paradise land of of the elves to find her father again. She miss him too much since his departure and wants to find him at all cost. She has now to deal with many races and many seem odd and strange for her. She is experiencing a complete new life than what she was used to. She must adapt to all.

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