Lin-nea, a linear life

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Lin-nea, a linear life Empty Lin-nea, a linear life

Post  HavsKungsson on Wed May 08, 2013 3:20 pm

Lin-nea second of the birth after her twin sister Roxy later said that she came after because she did not hurry,that she forth out her sister for she explore the world and give her news..... and of all ways we must keep calm and composure. She particularly like the cold while her sister love the heat. .... Lin-nea learned all about spells can be the wind and ice as those of her sister fire.

One day Lin-nea was hunting the buffalo around Ninago and met a woman , she was friendly and after a good talk decided to hunt together., her for her buffalo and Lady Cilesta for the boar and their hides that she said needed .
After the hunt both decided to rest near a campfire and while cooking were talking briefly abut their life and later ... Cilesta counted her the hard working life of The Great Issaac. With time of the single spell Missile he invented The Issaac Seeker Missile. With a lot of works and many years he reached one day his dream and created the famous Issaac Greater Seeker Missile. Lin-nea was fascinated ... after this night and their leaving Cilesta promised her more hunts and stories if their path crossed again. Lin-nea headed for Tanamera all enthsiasmed and Cilesta for Ninago. On her way for the City and since this time Lin-nea focus all her efforts for learn the magic of cold specialy without neglected those of wind and lightning.


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