General Laws: When in any town.

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General Laws: When in any town. Empty General Laws: When in any town.

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Here are some basic laws of the land and the punishment you will receive.

Trials can and will be role played.

Fines can range from 500 - 5,000,000 gold, more is possible. Hard Time earns you 100 gold per day.

Murder: Punishable by death.
Attempted Murder: Hard Time and a Fine determined by trial.
Assault: Hard Time and a Fine determined by trial.
Stealing/Pick Pocketing: Fine or Hard time determined by trial.
Crimes Against the Local Leaders: Punishable by death or Hard Time and a Fine determined by trial

In Tanamerah: The Justicars have special spells they can use to divine all kinds of information, so if your caught just expect the Justicars to find the truth. You can often get a better sentence by admitting what you did. Other cities may have similar ways of detecting your misdeeds so be careful.

Here are a few minor infractions, you can be fined for. Mostly you will just receive a warning. But if you are a repeat offender expect to start paying fines starting at 500 gold going as high as 5,000,000. If you cannot pay the fine you will go to jail and earn 100 Gold per day towards your fine.

1. Brandishing weapons in public: When in towns or cities you must put your weapons away.
2. Summons or Familiars; must be left out of town: Summons and familiars should be left outside towns or cities (in game this means unsummon them before entering town).
3. Not removing your helm if asked by the an official: It is considered rude to wear a helmet in town. If asked to remove it by an official (any town guard) you must comply or face fines and possible imprisonment.
4. Dismount your horse: You should not be riding a horse in any town. (this is not always enforced by the game in every town so remember to dismount when passing the gates of a town)

//OOC These laws do not apply to the guards(NPC) they have to be ready at all times in case of emergency. Most of these things are just common sense, to some, and polite to others

Spell Casting Laws:
Most of these Laws will result in a trial and end with a fine or sentence to serve time on the Island.

Rule of Defense: You may cast defensive spells that do not conceal you or your actions from the authorities.
Rule of Harm: Any harmful spell cast within a public area (non hostile) will be considered attempted murder and you will be arrested and sent to trial.
Rule of Divination: You may not cast divination spells on others with out there express consent and a witness.
Rule of Charms: You may not cast charm spells on others, this will be treated as a harmful action.
Spells of Power Particularly powerful spells if cast with in public areas will be punishable by death. This includes all epic spells of a non-defensive nature; Time Stop, Mordenkainen's disjunction.
Rule of Summons You may not use spells that summon, or create any type of creature. This includes calling your Familiar, many of these creatures are frightening in appearance and can scare those not used to their visage.

// OOC Even though places like the sewers and Ancient City are part of a city it is ok to cast spells there. The non-hostile refers to an area that typically does not have hostile spawns or creatures.

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