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Post  Anadrith Indoril on Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:19 pm

Name: Evelyn Tiriel
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Significant Marks: None
Family: None
Parents: Elinor Tiriel, father unknown
Siblings: None

Evelyn let out a deep sigh, casting a look of disdain at the man slumped unconscious over the Tavern’s bar. She prodded his shoulder roughly, only evoking a loud snore from the patron.

Another sigh. Another wasted day. Evelyn and her mother Elinor were by no means poor, but her mother had always been insistent that Evelyn found her own feet and paid her own way. Elinor was a retired adventurer, living off the spoils of a life far removed from their now peaceful existence on the outskirts of Tanamerah. She had always been strangely cryptic about her past life, and Evelyn’s absent father – some things are better left in the past, so she used to say.

The barwork was a means to an end, Evelyn kept telling herself. She had a good voice, excellent some had said. She even had some Arcane talent which she could use to great effect in performances. The problem was, that no one in the taverns were interested in the tales she sang. Too bland and uninspired were some of the more common rejections. The only singing job she had ever actually been offered was at the Comfortable Saddle... and she had walked straight out when she had seen the outfit (or lack of it) they expected her to wear.

Evelyn looked down at the drunkard again. With yet another sigh lifted up his arm, and then the other so she could wipe the bar surface underneath. Surely she had the talent, all she needed was some tale of heroic deeds, valour and danger to inspire a song - just one song to get herself known.

Then the thought hit her: there had been a group of adventurers in the inn earlier, talking of some journey to the sewers and some ancient city below. Surely that must be some adventure worthy of a fine ballad! Her hand strayed to the coin purse in her pocket. She had a week’s wages – enough to buy some second-hand chainmail and perhaps a rusty blade.

A smile crept across her face as she cast away her apron and she walked out into the clear night air without a backwards glance. What the heck, she thought. You only live once.

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