History of the last 100 Years and Then Some

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History of the last 100 Years and Then Some Empty History of the last 100 Years and Then Some

Post  Daniel on Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:07 am

Common year 2553 - Early spring - The elves begin to return home in mass as if it was planned.

2553 - August - Fall of the counsel: the High counsel was attacked and killed by Malevolence the Lich who lived in Bishop Keep. Though after the battle the Lich was never seen again none are sure what happened, a small group of heroes claim they killed him but no evidence was ever shown to prove it.

With out the counsel there to hold the empire together it started to fall apart in the first months of their absence. Katrina Ravenshold came out of retirement and pulled the empire back together for a short while.

2554 - June 5th - Capt Bishop and Saban succeed from the Empire. Katrina refuses to go to war with him and his troops. A treaty and accord is signed making Saban an ally of the Empire and steward of the northern border with the barbarian lands.

2554 - October 13th - A horde of barbarians mass on the western border of Tanamerah laying waste to every thing there. Thorson keep is razed to the ground, the refugees are accepted in Tanamerah if they will fight to keep the border. The war with the barbarian horde lead by the Dragon and Bear clans lasts for 6 months into the winter before they are broken up and return home. Strowolf Thorson is honored as a hero of the Empire for his assistance in the defnse of the western border lands of Tanamerah. Callia Vinterfoxx mediates a loose treaty with Tanamerah and the clans that border with Tanamerah and Saban.

2556 - A new republic is formed from the old Empire. No longer will it be ruled by a counsel of mages since the counsel is dead and no sign of the Grand Vizier is seen. The new government is a republic of an elected Chancellor and a Counsel of 5 elected officials to represent the people of Tanamerah in the counsel.

2557 - May 5th Katrina Ravenshold wins the first free election as High Chancellor of Tanamerah.

2558 - Cronkara at the far reaches of the Empire succeeds from the Empire seeking their own independence. A trade agreement is put in place to keep trade flowing betweens the two towns.

2558 - August 23rd - An Orc army of considerable strength attacks Sandow, the Empire is hard pressed to defeat the Orcs. Just as the evacuation orders are given Maal Dwebb arrives with an army of constructs and defeats the Orcs sending them back to their cave deep in the forests. Then Maal turns on the Empire and captures Sandow. He arrests hold all the Empirial Guards there for many years as prisoners of war.

2558 - Nov 12th - A treaty is signed between the dwindling Empire and Maal Dwebb he returns the soldiers he was keeping captive and the Empire ceases attacks to try and reclaim the city. Over the next 50 years Maal spares no expense rebuilding Sandow into a walled fortress of a town. His constructs keeping a watchful eye on all the gates.

2562 - Num For is sacked by marauding bandits under the banner of King James, she claims the city is her ancestral home and has royal blood rights to rule and keep the city. The trace her family tree does show that she is descended from the original king. The people of Num For are divided among staying with the empire or being ruled by a feudal king or queen.

2564 - Num For succeeds from the Empire under the rule of Queen James Numfor the town suffers over the 10 years as they try to pull things together. The new Queen does not adjust well to her new duties.

2567 - May 5th - Katrina Ravenshold wins the second free election of the High Chancellor of Tanamerah. She then passes a proclamation to limit her self and all future Chancellors to two terms in the position. This rule also applies to the 5 Counsel positions. Tanamerah releases itís claims to any and all towns and lands outside of the city of Tanamerah. The end of The Tanamerah Empire and the birth of the Tanamerah Empirial Republic is complete.

2574 - Num Forís Queen James dies and is succeeded by her son James the 1st he is a just and fair king he gets the mines opened and flowing again to the public and things start to turn around for Num For after many years of poverty and miss management from his mother.

2572 - Sandow April 1st - Maal Dwebb steps down from running the day to day operations of the town and retreats to his keep in the marshes. His first born son Seethik Dwebb takes over the running of the town.

2572 - Sandow August 18th - Seethik Dwebb is assassinated his younger brother Bale Dwebb takes over as the Lord of Sandow. Bale captures Ramoana Scarlet and tries her for the death of his brother, she is hung a week later.

2577 - May 5th - Katrina Raveshold is succeeded by Donnell Quinn as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah.

2582 - Dec 9th - Katrina Ravenshold dies of natural causes at the age of 74. The day is made into a festival day in her memory to celebrate her strength and wisdom. Despite the Empire breaking apart she is still viewed as the best leader Tanamerah had for events that took place. She made sure the people were safe and feed. She managed to make peace with the Barbarians and prevent a war with Saban and stopped the war with Sandow to save the lives of thousands of Empirial Guards. Through out all this she also managed to workout trade agreements with all the former cities of the Empire bringing trade and gold to Tanamerah in never before seen quantities. The markets in Tanamerah are still legendary to this day.

2587 - May 5th - Donnell Quinn begins second term as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah.

2597 - May 5th - Donnell Quinn succeeded by Korobard Welabe as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah.

2607 - May 5th - Korobard Welabe succeeded by Uriaul Vaurot as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah.

2608 - The rebuilding of Sandow is complete - Maal Dwebb is still no where to be seen, his ancestors carry out his plans in Sandow.

2617 - May 5th - Uriaul Vaurot wins second term as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah.

2623 - July 25th - Num For is attacked by an Orcish army from the forest. With in a month the town is decimated and few survivors are found. The town is renamed to Mub Kazorn this is what the orcs call it, it means above ground barracks or fortress in the black speech of the orcs.

2623 - Sept 7th - The dwarves of Stonehiem come to the aid of Port Smith and make a promise to help protect it from the orcs. The dwarves supply Port Smith with troops and armaments to protect themselves from the increasing orc raiding parties.

2625 - Jan 28th - Uriaul Vaurot dies in office from natural causes, special elections are held a month later and Abaro Tharat wins to be Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah. His counsel position is left open till the next elections in 2627.

2627 - May 5th - Abaro Tharat wins a new term as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah.

2637 - May 5th - Abaro Tharat wins a new term as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah. And is the longest serving Chancellor in history.

2647 - May 5th - Abaro Tharat is succeeded by Mavis Denethor as Chancellor of The Empirial Republic of Tanamerah.

2654 - June 1st - A new chapter begins in the saga of Arcana.

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History of the last 100 Years and Then Some Empty Re: History of the last 100 Years and Then Some

Post  arhim on Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:36 pm

2655 - Strowolf Thorson III, of the Wolf Clan, reclaims Asgard as ancestreal home.

2656 - Strowolf Thorson III and Chancellor Denetor agree on Trade policy between Asgard and Tanamerah.
Gurdians of Nature formed by Wulfgar, Brother of Strowolf.

2660 - Mub Kazorn liberated and renamed Fort Hope. Linariel Douchard and Briana Fraser named King and Queen of Fort Hope. No change in Tanamerah Council, time of peace.

2670 - 2673 Barbarian Wars, Bear, Dragon, Wolf, Vinterfoxx at war. With Strowolf Thorson III, clans united, there is peace amoung the Barbarian clans. No change in Tanamerah Council.

2675 - Death of Strowolf III

2680 - Guardians of Nature Disband. Thorson Household in turmoil, inner Wolf Clan disputes. No change in Tanamerah Council.

2689 - Asguard Brakes policy with Tanamerah, no longer friends of the Republic.

2690 - King Linarieal and Queen Briana, not heard from in over a year from their treaty negoitiations with Sanintan. The Order of Grimalkin become the Advisors to Fort Hope. Krown family become the Stewards of Fort Hope, with Justan Krown I being the first of the line. No change in Tanamerah Council.

2691-2699 - An underground movement lead by Arhim Nocdane, questions the council, as they are still in power and turnover has not occured in more then 40 years. Corruption and unnatural influences are in speculation, protests arise led by Arhim to force the council to appoint successors. Martial Law is declared to circumvent a civil war in Tanamerh.

2700- Arhim Nocdane, on behalf of the free people of Tanamerah, meets with Family Dweeb of Sandow, Family Bishop of Saban, Family Krown of Fort Hope and The Order of Grimlakin to help assist in overthrowing the current regime of Tanamerah. All parties pledge their support, other then the Grimalkin who stay neutral.

2701 - Civil War rages in Tanamerah. Arhim Nocdane is arrested and convicted of treason, Death Sentence is the verdict, waits his time on the island. In the course of 6 months, a plague ravages Tanamerah and claims the lives of hundreds, of those are members of the council and their families.

2702 - The Order of Grimalkin assume a temporary position of governance over Tanamerah. As they read over the books kept by the previous council, it is decided that those political advisorys were falsely accused of treason in 2701. All accused where released, among them, Arhim Nocdane.

2703 - The Order of Grimalkin hold a city council meeting where they appoint Arhim as Caesar, residents are estatic. Under Arhim's reign, treaty and policy is established between, Sandow, Ninago, Saban, Fort Hope and Cronkara. A time of peace and prosperity for the civilized cities.

2730 - After 27 years Arhim declares Tanamerah to be a republic again and appoints a new Council. Gorath Canadisen, Sabel Drakensmit, Nathaniel Asher, Corillian Papke, Jan Bonezy; all headed by Chancelor Lieand Dilchairf and Raymond Scarlatti Commander of the Guard. In this same year Nefferon Dwebb passes away and is succeded by his son Samiel'je'nad Dwebb.


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