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Post  Daniel on Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:03 am

I have been asked about evil alignment characters.

NOTE: I will use the term goods to describe characters with good alignments and evils for evil alignment.

I'm okay with evil as long as you are Role Playing it properly. Now this is not to say that there is only one way to role play evil, everyone has a different idea about how evil is role played so I would like to point some things out here maybe give some tips to those who may not be used to playing evil.

Evil characters are not likely to give money or items away, even if they have no use for the item. In addition they would likely go after treasure while others are hurt or still in combat (typically a no no for goods). They will likely be scheming or greedy. Greed can be for power or gold or some other goal.

Some evils only want for power, and they will use any means of getting it so they may seem friendly and nice at times. But watch yourself as they may stab you in the back for that magic item you just found.

Now on to the Rules part.
Paladins: Must maintain their LG alignment or be re-leveled as a fighter and have 2 levels taken away as a penalty. Paladin LG alignment is completely subjective to the DMs if a DM witnesses you doing something unbecoming a Paladin they can an should shift your alignment by a few points depending on the infraction. Remember the DMs are your god when they are on so they see all.

Other classes with Alignment restrictions: Will be treated the same, you will lose your levels in that class to have it replaced by a similar class. Example (assassins become rogues, Blackguard become fighters or rogue at the DM;s discretion based on your character) and have 2 level taken away as a penalty.

Elves: are always of good alignment, they have a special connection to the creator or Fate. If they should turn evil through their actions they lose their immortality and their light. They will die with in a few hours if this happens. So if your an elf and committing evil the DM has every right to take all your soul runes and kill your character. This seems harsh and it is, this is just the way my setting was envisioned and it will not be changed. However with that said, the DM should give you the opportunity to make up for the evil act, if it is possible, remember this is completely up to the DM.

EXAMPLE: An elf murders someone in cold blood without provocation and while in control of themselves, not charmed or otherwise under a spell, or being forced to so something against their will. This is irrevocable even if the slain is raised via magic the evil act was committed.


An elf steals something, in this case the item could be returned and the elf can seek to throw themselves at the will of Fate (DM) and hope for the best.

also see the Alignment page on our website.

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Post  Moonglow Draoi on Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:23 am

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