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Post  Daniel on Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:07 pm

Arcana has no connection to the forgotten realms or other D&D settings or any other setting for that matter. I have noticed a few of backgrounds with references to other worlds or settings.

Here is some quick info for those of you who need a background where you came from somewhere else.

There are two continents on Arcana the one your on in the game world, which I never really named Razz and the Gondwana lands. The Gondwana lands is a very wild and dangerous place, mostly tribal human settlements and such. It is a much larger area than the current one, I have no plans of adding it to the mod. Though I could see making a second mod some day set there.

Plane travel is not really a viable way of getting to Arcana, because again we have no connection to any other D&D setting.

So if your going to reference some other place, just be vague about it, you can give a name to it but do not be to specific or something very well known, like saying your from Waterdeep.

Okay here are a few places you can come from that will have you coming from far away, and just arriving in Tanamerah.

Angaren: this is an Empire far to the NE of Tanamerah, it has a very Egyptian feel to it. These people have olive tan skin and dark hair. They tend towards neutral alignments and there society is ruled by The Order. The Order is a priesthood of worshipers of Dontalis (see Deities). Life here is very harsh and oppressed but it is still one of the largest populations in the world. It is also the birth place of humanity. Its history goes back about 4000 years. This is the classic evil empire in Arcana dark and gritty.

The Theocracy of Moge: This is the area directly east of Tanamerah. The Theocracy od Moge is quite benevolent as a matter of fact. But they do not have the economy that Tanamerah has. Your options are limited there to what the Church feels is acceptable and this power is of course abused. The Theocracy is an ally of Tanamerah but the two nations have vastly different views.

Arafura region: This is the area of the map east of The Theocracy of Moge. It has a very eastern feel to it. Like feudal Japan or China, there are a ton of small villages each ruled by a local lord (Barron, Duke, etc...)

The Barbarian Lands: This is the area west of Tanamerah. Which is full of viking/norse-like men and women who live in clans. The clans are named after the clan leader or some of the bigger ones are named after predatory animals; Wolf, Bear, Dragon. These lands are somewhat plauged in the north with giants, direwolves, and other primal type creatures. There are quite few dragons and drakes there as well. they dispise magic and wizardy, so there is a great untrust of Tanamerah among them. They some times raid the border areas of Tanamerah when a clan chief gets out of line. They do have some largish towns that do some minor trade with Tanamerah.

The Gondwana Lands: This is another continent on Arcana, it will never be in the Mod it just to big. It is an enormous continent similar to Africa in its flora and fauna. The people here range from very dark skin to light and also they have been more effected by the weakening of the barrier between the Prime and the Elemental planes. There are no Elves or Dwarves there just Humans, Halflings and Gnomes. It is a harsh place to live and their level of technology is less advanced as is their magic. Spear and Bow are the preferred weapons there. There is not regular trade to and form there with any of the other lands though a ship does get blown of course occasionally and they bring back exotic items and people from there form time to time.


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