Letter to Turwathion Anarion

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Letter to Turwathion Anarion Empty Letter to Turwathion Anarion

Post  SweetLithium on Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:19 pm

((daintily written elven words scrawl across the parchment))


It is good to hear from you. Tanamerah is as eventful as ever, though I have been keeping a low profile due to resent occurances of which I will tell you when you return, if you have not heard of them already. There are those here who are possibly suspicious of me... and you know how I am. If you had told me where you were going, I might have traveled with you.

As for Idhron, rather than just reading the books in the library he has taken to actually assisting in maintaining it, which I believe is a good past time for him. Trouble? When has Idhron ever been in trouble... are you sure you do not have your siblings crossed, because I believe you should be telling him to look after me. I was always the more rambunctious of us, you know that.

Idhron thanks you for the stories. He wants to start a small library in our home, he even talked about seeing if the person in the house next door might be willing to sell, the idea being to expand the house. I told him his ideas are far too grand for now. At least he seems to be settling in.

I do wish that we were not separated from one another, we have never been apart for too long, but I suppose it is better for this to happen now while we are safe rather than later. When you get back, we need to decide what our next course of action is. We came here to learn what end our parents came to. We should start making motions towards completing that goal. Only then will I be able to relax. I still feel the heavy hand of fate upon us, Turwaithion. There is still a chance that whoever might have taken our parents lives from them might be looking for us, or might know something of us. We must be careful. But you know that.

Be careful in your journeys, and return home to us safely and as soon as you can.



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