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Montolio DeVir - The Ranger Empty Montolio DeVir - The Ranger

Post  Necro-367 on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:45 pm

Name: Montolio Sylar DeVir
Age: Unknown
Home: Unknown
Oddities: A patch covering his left eye, with a scar diagonally across it. Intricate woodland tatoo's all over his body.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin: Tan
Eye Color: Near Black
Height: 6'2''
Weapon(s): Two rapiers at his waist, and a bow slung over his back.
Symbol(s): His cape adorns a mysterious symbol, with a strange tongue written beneath it.

Deep in the woods rests a small band of Rangers. The group keeps to themselves, mainly, and rarely involves themselves in the ongoings of the outside world... Unless needed. Each of the few Rangers are unique to the organization, and specialize in tasks. Naturally the Rangers have come to hear about the happenings with The Crown, and have observed from a distance - until now. They have sent Ranger Montolio DeVir to investigate further, and observe the band of adventurers persuing the Crown the most vigorously of all the creatures and bands it has attracted. He is to assist them in any method possible, as it is time for the mysterious protectors to step in to the ongoings of this outside world, and restore things back to order, as they have done for many years past.... He is trained to succeed, but wither he will, is yet to see... And this band of Adventurers has yet to see his highly trained arts.


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