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Post  arhim on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:24 am

Neurion, Pyenapil, Jinxy, and Trixie meet with Timon of the Adventurer Society. Timon tells them of speculation of an alliance between Goblins and Saladri. The task, to investigate and provide proof of such a conspiracy. Of course they agree, but for a price. They suit up and meet at the fountain and then they head off to the Two River Valley. The group thought their major concern was going to be manticore but that would have been much easier to deal with then what they found. Highly trained goblins and saladri attack them in the South East plains. Once they were dealt with, Neurion noticed that the Saladri archers were equipped with orc bows. As they venture East to the Two Rivers, droves of lizardfolk and goblins attack. Death death and more death, not only of the lizards but of the Adventure Society members. Luckily Trixie and Jinxy were fitted with many scrolls to raise their comrades. Jinxy comments about how they need to function as a team if they want to survive. They decide to come up with a plan, Neurion volunteers to enter the cave and try to lead small groups of inhabitants out of the cave to ambush them. Luckily the plan works. To their surprise, once the cave is cleared out, they find something they were not expecting. Crates upon crates of South Seas Trading Company gear, enough to outfit an army. If that was not bad enough, body upon body piled of trading company guards and men and women of Ninago. The most disturbing though, is that there was a company of Orcs who were fighting along side the others. The group returns to Tanamerah and tells Timon of what they found; all are concerned of this dangerous alliance.


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