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Post  HavsKungsson on Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:30 pm

Me know right from wrong, but when me saw Nilathak (an evil wizard from Harrogath) use evil magic me was intruged and wanted to learn... Nilathak took me into the Halls of Vaught (Nilathak's lair) and trained me secretly, but when me came home one day with my boney arm..... Mum and Pop knew me was being trained in some evil ways... My parents were scared for me and tried to help me. Me assured my parents me would stop my training with Nilathak. Hmmm... GOOD LUCK with that.... However in secret me kept up my training.
From the Frigid Highlands we moved to Cronkara in order to escape my evil fate.
Me would challenge myself in places my parents had warned me not to go until me was stronger.
My evil ways scared the town counsel of Cronkara to the point they ordered Mum and Pop to move outside the city walls; In which we moved into Pop's childhood vacation home.


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