Death!!!!! an FAQ for you.

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Death!!!!! an FAQ for you. Empty Death!!!!! an FAQ for you.

Post  Daniel on Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:30 am

We, The DM Staff, have gotten a few questions about this so here is a short FAQ about being dead. I assumed this stuff would have been common sense but some just want to try and cheat death at all costs. If your dead you need to take your lumps and respawn unless you know someone is coming to save you.

Q. If I'm dead can I lay there till someone finds me?
A. This depends, if you were in a group and someone is going for help, yes you can wait. If you are by yourself, you should respawn after about 10 minutes. You took the risk of being a lonewolf and now you have to pay the price.

Q. If I'm dead can I logout and wait for a server reload?
A. NO, this is cheating, you should not wait for a reload to end up in the welcome area for someone to raise you. If a DM sees you logging into the welcome area dead they are going to take two soul runes from you even if it kills you permanently. This is not negociable in anyway even if you crashed. Except in the very rare event your dead when the server crashes this should never happen.

Q. If I'm dead can I send a tell to someone to come save me.
A. NO. This is cheating because there is no RP way for them to know where you are or if you are dead. You should also not try and say you have a special link with someone or invent that you have telepathy or something else to try to explain it. This is just cheating.

Q. Our whole party just died what do we do?
A. The whole party needs to respawn.

Sorry if this seemed harsh in anyway but those are the rules Smile

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Death!!!!! an FAQ for you. Empty Re: Death!!!!! an FAQ for you.

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