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Post  HavsKungsson on Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:58 am

Leende the fifth child of Svana and Thorgal HavsKungsson. As a baby, Leende was very sick; this worried Svana and Thorgal very much. They saw their young daughter dying in front of them. The only help they knew came frum the shamaness. So they took their ill stricken daughter to see her. The shamaness Alf Hexan Olia ( The elf sorceress Olia ) that shared her blood and a secret mixture to heal Leende. Since this time Leende seem to never age and her beauty is phenomenal having all the attributes of an half elf.

At a young age she had a unique ability to use the bow so hunting with mere weapons as her brothers and sisters use, she dismissed that without giving it a second thought.....

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