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History of Thorgal HavsKungsson Empty History of Thorgal HavsKungsson

Post  HavsKungsson on Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:19 pm

After facing many dangers in my homeland, human beast and demons; even treachery of my family
and of the Svana's family. I left the Figid Highland to join my friend...Thinking Svana had drown
in a raging river.
In this new world, I fell in love with the fiancee of my friend who committed an irreparable mistake
and he headed into combat that he wouldnt survive. The seasons past and one sunny morning
while speaking to a friend on a pier I saw an angelic woman as fierce as a valkyrie a godess, a mirage
or ... or OHH SVANA ! Yessss ! It was her !? Svana my sweet swan. She came from the clouds above
from Valhalla. my heart beating like a war drum... I ran and I embraced Svana with all my love.

The seasons passed and Svana saw that my heart beated too strongly, because I loved two women...
Svana's rival had forever impregnated my heart and Svana fought to save our love.
Finnaly Svana's rival vanished and my heart was lost from that woman...
Svana and I rekindled our love on solid ground. We learned many jobs in crafting, we grew in strength
and knowledge and soon after we returned to our homeland, The Frigid Highlands.
We lived there many years and had nine children.

Once the children were old enaugh, as a family we all decided that our training needed more insight
and we sought out a new land to train in, and we landed in Arcana... What await us all there ?
We will soon find out...



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